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January 13, 2011


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Glad to have WBW back! Let us hope plenty of bloggers participate and we can look forward to many more WBWs in the future.

I always wondered what happened to WBW. I'm in. I just started posting again while adding some restaurant and travel coverage while in Europe.

cincinnati wine travels

I too am glad to see the return of WBW. I was late to discover the monthly wine-fest - WBW65 was the first I stumbled upon. I wonder if there's any sort of a list that's been compiled with all of the participants over the years. I'm not so sure that everyone still checks on the next WBW since it's been awhile. Any chance that we could try to ensure a bigger re-appearance by contacting past participants?

Thrilled to see WBW up and running again. A little behind on things this time around, but looking forward to taking part in the next one.

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