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February 15, 2011


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Thanks for tasting this wine blind with your sommelier friend. It is now sold out in the tasting room. We'll be releasing the 2008 soon.


Barboursville is indeed considered one of the premiere producers in VA. They are also one of the oldest and largest (and well funded... they are owned by an Italian wine company, Zonin maybe?) wineries in the state. I was there at the beginning of harvest this year and tried some interesting, well made wines... highly consistent across the board. Luca Paschina is their winemaker and is a valuable resource to many in the state. If you're looking for some suggestions on places/wines in VA I'd be happy to make some recommendations.


Daniel -

Ah! This is Luca's wine. I just finished The Wild Vine, and Luca makes an appearance. Nice to make the connection.

I'd love to hear what your top recs are. If you wouldn't mind, shoot me an email: epdaws@yahoo.com.

Evan -

although I'm primarily an FLX guy, I have a brother living outside Charlottesville, VA so we've been to some of the wineries near there several times. We've been to Barboursville twice (about 5 - 6 years apart) and honestly, were disappointed both times. Felt the wines were overpriced for what they delivered. Haven't had anything from there with any age on it so maybe that helps. We've been to Horton twice and have liked some of their whites, in particular their viognier, rkatsiteli and late harvest whites. Our last visit to the area was Oct last year and we visited Stone Mountain. Liked almost all of their reds. The winery is part way up into the Blue Ridge Mts and is a challenge to get to. Several miles of twisty, gravel road (and that's after several miles of twisty, paved road). Worth the trip for the wines and if the day is nice, the view from the tasting room deck is great.


Dana -

Any thoughts on Virginia Norton?

The Barboursville Vineyards are run by Zonin. On the grounds is the former home of James Barbour, a former Va. governor, which was designed by Thomas Jefferson. You can visit the ruins as it burnt down in the late 1800's. It's a plesant place to visit. I find Barboursville to be like many Virginia wineries to be largely too pricey for the quality and a dearth of value wines which could open the door to more customers. I have had some decent cab francs from B-ville.

Evan -

Too small of a sample to form a valid opinion. I've only had the Horton Norton. Liked it on our first visit to Horton a number of years ago and bought a couple of bottles. Didn't care for it as much on our recent Oct visit and didn't buy any. I don't recall whether Stone Mountain makes a Norton. If they do and we tried it, we didn't like it enough to buy any. Based on my initial experience with it at Horton, it's something I'd keep trying in tasting rooms as it seems to have potential.

To follow-up on Tom's comments, the mansion ruins at Barboursville are interesting to wander around, especially on a nice day.


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