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March 08, 2011


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Kim and Deb's efforts are certainly not lost on this family. I made my own local version of choucroute (btw - something we should be eating WAY more of with our wines) and had the 2006 Riesling. I blind tasted my wife on it and she was really taken back and tickled pink that it was Bloomer Creek.

I should of bought more then a case! Darn it.

Great job you two - and thanks for pushing the envelope, it is much appreciated.


Thank you for finally talking about what is, to my mind, the best winery on Seneca Lake. They aren't one of the big guys, but they put out consistently excellent wine year after year without worrying so much about profit. Make good wine and the people will come - and I'm glad they finally are.

Great article about a great winery. All their wines are a pleasure to drink and really very special. Don't miss the pinot noir . . .

So glad to see Bloomer Creek being singled out for a change. Kim is such a harsh critic of his own wines -- humble to a fault! That simultaneously is what makes his wines great and his profile low. But the Finger Lakes needs personalities like his -- people that keep the bar high and are averse to the hype machine.

Just paid a visit to these folks yesterday... truly inspiring, exciting wines.

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