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March 14, 2011


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Hi Evan,

Thanks for posting your conversation with Oz. Very interesting. Particularly resonant since I have just arrived home from a tasting of eight FL producers in NYC at Rothmann's selected by Som Tom Gannon and logistics supported by the Finger Lakes Wine Alliance.

To me the nut of the post is “No one should apologize for the absolutely stunning cool climate wines that the Finger Lakes can produce. You just have to find the customers who appreciate it." The “…absolutely stunning…” part is delightful from a fellow who has tasted his way around most of the world. And who never turns down a taste of an interesting beer.

While believing in free trade in the land of the supposed ‘free and the brave’, I remain somewhat dispassionate when it comes to wine in grocery stores as there is another and more helpful pathway for the Finger Lakes. And that is, as Oz has intimated, we find the people who enjoy the wines. Endstop.

Ponder this factoid. Given the acres of Riesling planted in the Finger Lakes the entire region produces about 140,000 cases annually. As tracked by Nieslon ScanTrack (only ~ 60% of the wine sold in the US), doing some math, the growth in Riesling sales (just the growth!) exceeds all of the FL production of Riesling. We really don’t need all that much of a market share to sell every single bottle directly to a person who likes Riesling. Hence my unreserved support for folks who blog and tweet about the wine. And most especially those among this community whose enthusiasms are also studied and disciplined.


Bob Madill

Bob -

The continuing effort of Finger Lakes producers to reach new markets and other states is going to elevate the region's status and reputation. The work is hard, I have no doubt, but worth it.

Can you share the impressions of the tasting at Rothmann's?

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