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April 18, 2011


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Art, thank you so much for advancing a very necessary opposition to the lunacy that is hovering over our region.

Thanks for writing this Art and thanks to the NYCR for printing it. How anyone can see the facts about hydrofracking and still support it or even remain neutral about it is beyond me.

Art - Very compelling and frightening article and to make matters worse the part about stores banning foods produced in areas where hydrofracking is going on. I am glad you wrote this.

Thank you for taking the time to write this informative and frightening piece. As Peter said, this IS lunacy and I'm dumbfounded how ANYONE could even entertain this potential rape of our lands. Everyone needs to be communicating with their town boards as their is a small movement starting to try and ban this type of "industrial" activity on a town by town basis.

Thanks to Art for writing a very good overview of the issue and thanks to Lenn for publishing. Scary stuff.


The likely next Congressional Representative from the 26th District, Jane Corwin, tells me that fracking can be "safe and successful." She'd like to see a bit more regulation, but supports fracking and says that there would be distance requirements between wells, so she thinks the notion that it would be a regional eyesore is overblown.

Corwin is not directly representing the Finger Lakes, but thought you might like to know her position. She says it could bring a positive impact on economic and energy efficiency grounds.

Fracking is absolutely an unsafe method, and a disasterous step for the Finger Lakes region, or any other region. All you have to do is see the reports on other communities that have allowed fracking. It's frightening. That we're even discussing this is ludicrous. Great job Art!

Much thanks to Art for writing this and for his activism on the issue generally, and to NYCR for posting it.

I'm originally from Bradford County, PA, and now live in Virginia. Every time I visit the area, I'm saddened by how much the gas industry has destroyed. My home no longer looks the way it used to. Acres of beautiful country now are leveled and littered with gas equipment. And people I grew up with now have to live with water buffaloes because their well or spring water is too contaminated to use.

I love the Finger Lakes almost as much as I love where I grew up. Please don't let the gas companies destroy your home like they destroyed mine.

Art - thanks for fighting the good fight. This is going to be tough, because upstate is such an economically depressed area. Just a small fraction of folks being tempted to lease their land might be enough to ruin everything. And "our" politicians are hopelessly corrupt and/or stupid.

1. At what depth is the shale in the Finger Lakes? The shale in our region lies at about 5000ft, approximately 4700ft below the water table, and about 4500 feet below the coal seam.

2. Can Hydraulic Fracturing be done without chemicals, and if so, would there still be opposition? If reasonable brine disposal was done, would there still be opposition?

I would think that there should be a reasonable middle ground on the issue, without all of the "Gasland" hysteria that's been accumulated. Many issues can usually be engineered out, and if they can't, don't do it.

Thank you Art for the article and thanks to Lenn and team for posting!

Art, your informational blog is the most accurate and concise point paper on Hydrofracking I have ever read. As you probably realize, I agree with your position, and have the same misgivings about this destructive process that pollutes our natural resources. I'm at a loss as to what we can do. Many people voted for Bush/Cheney (and in the process, companies like Haliburton, Blackwater, and a host of others). I'm ashamed that we ever had such imbiciles leading our country, and now Bush Jr, lives in Dallas not far from me. How ironic for a guy who was an avid Sierra Club member 35 years ago. While I never got rich, the chosen few who had silver tongues made their fortunes. Now we are all feeling the consequences.

Keuka Lake is SACRED. As are the rest of the Finger Lakes. TO sacrifice this American jewel to deepen the pockets of criminals WILL NOT HAPPEN. They have no idea how much we LOVE this place.

Thank you for this fine report, Art. For many of us the lakes represent not only important economic assets and resources, but also something more sentimental and therefore felt more deeply, as is suggested by Mr. Bowne (above.) The Halliburton Loophole is a gross injustice and for this new 26th District representative to strike such an upbeat, light-hearted posture about fracking betrays either ignorance of the consequences or a very cynical view of the relationships between ecology and humanity.
I hope that any attempt to permit this dreadful process in the vicinity of these beloved bodies of clean, restorative freshwater will be forcefully -and successfully-- opposed. We have to find alternatives to Middle Eastern oil, but we have to do it in ways that in the process do not destroy our homes and the natural assets we hold dear.

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