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April 26, 2011


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The (excellent) photos here bring to mind the standard request I get when photographers show up: "I was thinking of getting a shot of you taking a sample of wine from one of those casks/barrels/wooden vats..."

These days I get to tell them that I no longer do cliche shots, consequences be damned.

I'm lucky enough to see these gentlemen all the time, but reading this post knowing that Niagara USA will be a first-time experience for so many TasteCampers is pretty exciting. I can't wait to experience our region and its brilliant, pioneering personalities through the eyes of the attendees!

I'm particularly looking forward to reactions to Schulze's and Leonard Oakes's hybrid releases made with Jonathan's able hand; thoughts on Duncan's syrah and malbec and the potential for those grapes in Niagara; and notes on pinot noir offerings at Freedom Run. It will be an amazing way to conclude the weekend! Looking forward to sharing our beautiful region with everyone!


I had several photo options for this post which ran the gamut from a winemaker looking like he's tripping at a Dead show, to a pic that look like the subject was in disguise to one that looked incredibly too inappropriate to mention.

That being said, they are indeed drawing samples for me at the time I took these pics. These guys are in the trenches and don't have assistants.

Aren't you coming up here in June for the Riesling Experience? If so I will make sure I don't take any pics of you doing anything related to winemaking ;)

Taking a picture of me getting a sample of Riesling from a barrel - now THAT would be worth it.


Ha! I'd do that for every photographer and writer that came to do a riesling story just to keep them honest.

Thank you for not posting the inappropriate picture!

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