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April 15, 2011


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Did that dishy blonde look bored and impatient at times, or is it my imagination?

I just finished watching the whole episode and was, frankly, disappointed. I know, it's not for people who really understand wine - it's for the average person who wants to know more about enjoying wine. But there was so little actual content. Maybe 2 minutes on what makes the Finger Lakes special, 2 minutes mixed in on what makes for a good Riesling, 1 minute on food pairing, and the rest was Nathan Lane giggling.

It's great to see Finger Lakes wine getting such a high placement on a sure-to-be-watched show. It's not so good to hear so little discussion about the wine itself or how you pick one you might like. As a consumer, I can see someone walking into their local wine store and asking for the Thirsty Owl or Chateau Lafayette Renaud wines - and having no reason why other than that they saw it on TV. Is that really what it's come down to?

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