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June 30, 2011


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Hey Evan, what is in the Rachel sandwich? I remember driving by the place plenty on that side of the lake -- now I want to know what it is I need to stop in for!

Lenn -

According to Wikipedia, "The Rachel sandwich is a variation on the standard Reuben sandwich that substitutes pastrami for the corned beef and coleslaw for the sauerkraut."

At Olney, it's perfectly crisp yet moist, everything in proportion. I can eat an entire Rachel sandwich at the Olney Place in about 70 seconds.

I should also say, regarding the boat: We don't own a boat, but that is a small obstacle.

Ah...I'm familiar with A Rachel, but thought maybe the Rachel at Olney was named after someone in particular (family member perhaps).

Thanks for the clarification.

And I have no doubt that you'll again be on a boat very soon. With your nautical theme pashmina afghan.


I know you mentioned it in the past. You should follow through with your idea of spotlighting restaurants that have a surprising NY Wine on the wine list. SG

I agree with Steve BTW!

Most of the restaurants you listed are on my list too. I hadn't heard about Olney Place's Rachel sandwich so now I am intrigued! I have been to the Brown Hound Bistro for lunch once and always want to go back.

My list includes:
Champagne BBQ in Hammondsport
Niles Gourmet Bistro
Moro's Table in Auburn NY
Root's Cafe in Naples

To all you reading out there, I have to add Simply Red Bistro on Cayuga Lake at Sheldrake Point Winery. Not just because I work at the winery and indulge in the awesome fresh and vibrant food regulary but because...TA DA ... there is boat access! Lots of boat space in fact and a short walk across the street. Live music during dinner Monday and Friday nights too!

Is this actually the "list of places that you hope will comp NYCR staff with free meals someday" :).

My recent trip up to LI has me jonesin' to get up the FL soon, will have to keep these places on the radar. Cheers!

That's it! Sheldrake has been on my list of vineyards to visit and now that I hear there is a nice eatery attached, 'you had me at hello'.

Antoinette, it is funny that you work at Sheldrake Point Winery and like the idea I mentioned about the 'surprise' wine at a restaurant. I was specifically thinking of a great new restaurant in my neck of the woods (Albany) that has a french style nice menu featuring lots of local farms and such. Their wine list is by no means huge, maybe about 25 bottles but every choice is interesting and they somehow represent the whole planet and give nice suggestions and information about each wine. Anyway, the wine i was pleasantly surprised to find on their list was the 2008 Cabernet Franc from Sheldrake Point. I must say my preference has been for downstate Cab Francs but I enjoyed this wine quite a bit and it was reasonably priced. Since I already enjoy your Reisling, I think I need to check you folks out. Next time I am in Ithaca doing business I'll swing in.

The restaurant is named Garden Bistro in Colonie NY.


We can totally relate, since we have a similar list. Many great eateries in the neighborhood. Just need to make time to visit them.

My comment was a joke, btw (well, except for the part about me wanting to go back to visit the FL, that is)...

How is the restaurant in the Clarence Hotel in Seneca Falls? The menu looks interesting and they have more than a dozen NYS wines on their list.

Steve - Thanks for the feedback about Sheldrake wines! I apologize for the delayed response. Life here in the FLX is in slow motion since the passing of Red Newt Chef and co-owner Debra Whiting.

Please keep in touch when you plan to visit Sheldrake. I would love to meet. Email or call me - antoinette@sheldrakepoint.com or 607 532 9401 ext 106.

The Olney Place is unequivocally the best breakfast/lunch spot in it's class. Not only is the food delectable, but the staff is so welcoming and hospitable. I would recommend this place to anybody!!

Don't forget Seth's Sticky Buns at the Olney Place. Make a note.

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