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June 07, 2011


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Do you have any photos of the beer? I'm always looking to try new brews! For those of us outside NY, is there a way to get some?
~Nancy Lewis~

Nancy - the beer itself? I did take one with my phone; it's not very good quality but I'd be happy to email it to your address if you just want to see what the beer looks like. The image above is the label. I don't know what state you're in, but according to Iron Hill's website the beer will be available in limited selection in PA, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Ohio as well as New York. I would suggest calling Ithaca at 607-273-0766 or Iron Hill at 610-738-9600 to find out about your specific area. Cheers!

Sounds wonderful. Would you put it in the same type of sour as a Rodenbach Grand Cru? Perhaps a little smoother due to the malt? This and the name alone put this one high on my wishlist for next time I'm back home in the NorthEast.

Brett(you have an awesome name for a beer geek)- you know, I wouldn't. The imperial porter aspect of this beer lends a lot of chewy, malty chocolate, particularly on the palate, and the sour wild yeast flavor is really a complement to that rather than the star of the show as it is with a beer like the Rodenbach (I drool as I type its name). They made a good porter first, in other words, and the Brett is a component adding complexity. If you're like me and will cross state lines for anything sour, get some, my friend.

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