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July 13, 2011


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I haven't had the pleasure of trying the Southampton Double White but it sounds fantastic and I want it. No sours on this list; for my money summer doesn't start until Ithaca Brute is out. In the meantime I've been staying cool with Brooklyn Sorachi Ace, Three Heads The Kind, and believe it or not Southern Tier EuroTrash lately. And I know I'm weird, but I would drink Flying Bison Blackbird Stout on the beach. Had it with burgers the other night and it hit the spot on a hot summer night. Would love to hear what readers are sipping on the porch this summer!

You are weird, but that's why you fit in around here.

I really need to try Sorachi again. Aaron and I had it once and it just didn't blow us away. I think we may have even left some in the bottle (doesn't happen often).

Southampton is pretty widely distributed down here. We'll get you some once too-hot-for-shipping season ends.

Timing could not be any better. With Gabe's first B-Day in a few weeks, I was looking for some beer options for the guests.

I will defiantly seek out the Six Point and the Brooklyn Beer.

Lenn, as you know I struggle with my beer selections. Hefeweizen is my go to beer with Saison a close second. Still on the look out for some sour beer..I always forget to look for.

Thanks for this!

Yeah, not a fan of the Sorachi but would definitely give it another shot.

I have to admit that the Kölsch I tried the other day really inspired me to get more acquainted with this style.

Brooklyn Summer is my go-to NY summer beer. Greenport's is awesome, but not as portable.

I know I'm looking forward to drinking very local cans of Great South Bay next summer.

You know, I didn't like Sorachi Ace at first either. I've been finding lately that I really dig it in the evenings in hot weather though, with blue cheese and also with Chinese food. It's a damn good food beer.

That said, it will fade from my heart and mind completely as soon as Ithaca Brute gets released.

Sean: Their Blonde Ambition is the reason I almost including growler/tap beers in this post.

Along with Kelso Pilsner.

Lets see...Ommengang Witte, Flower Power, Firestone walker Union Jack, Ballast Point Sculpin, Greenflash Summer Saison, Southampton Keller Pils and Double White, Southern Tier 2 x IPA, Three Floyds Gumball Head, Trader Joes Hefe, The Bruery Saison, Hill Farmstead Saison Clara, Avery White Rascal, and some local Rye IPA homebrew that a friend made:) Plus a bunch more

Never had a Six Point beer I didn't like, so I look forward to trying a pilsner from that brewery. Thanks for the heads-up.

Hey Dan, I think you missed the "New York" part of the question ;) At least with some of those West Coast choices.

Cyclist: I'm in the same boat with Sixpoint. Even the beers that aren't my favorite styles always impress.

Strangely enough, I went into a restaurant a couple days ago and saw a can of Sixpoint Crisp peeking out of the cooler. Distinctive and well made, but I wouldn't say it is a classic pilsner in style. Seemed too dark and malty. As points of reference, I'd say that Pilsner Urquell or Budvar among imports and Victory Prima or Stoudt's (in the US style) would be 'classic'.

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