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July 22, 2011


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Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor, New York City, local music..what's missing? As New York can confidently boast of having the preeminent terroir in the U.S. for Riesling, its too bad the organizers of this event chose to highlight Germany instead of the wonderful NY wines made in their own backyard.

Good point Rich. It looks like they did serve one New York-grown Riesling on the cruise: the "Gotham Project" Finger Lakes wine which was co-founded by former Long Island wine entrepreneur Bruce Schneider. And not coincidentally, Bruce is also Director of the Wines of Germany office in New York City, so the whole promotion is probably being paid for by the German government, hence the focus on German wines.

Rich, thanks for commenting and, yes, anyone who claims that upstate New York doesn't have incredible Terroir for Riesling needs to be bound and gagged and airlifted to the vineyards of the Finger Lakes for full indoctrination. Trent is indeed correct, this particular event was sponsored by the Wines of Germany as part of the 31 Days of Riesling. BUT this is only one cog in a bigger campaign: the Summer of Riesling, which this year went nationwide with the generous help of the International Riesling Foundation (a passionate group of wineries across the globe devoted to the majesty of this one grape). At our wine bar, Terroir, we are featuring an ever-revolving list of Rieslings which will always include NY wines as we feel they are world-class.

One of my duties as the "NYC Correspondent" for the NYCR is to keep my finger on the pulse of the wine, beer and spirits scene happening in NYC, itself. Be it a focused gathering of Malbec producers who have come to check out the NY scene or a Natural Wine Festival in Central Park (I should organize such an event), you may find it here on the NYCR.

Rest assured that we pound the streets daily, banging the drum for NY state wines, but are also interested to track how the greater wine world at large interacts with and shares its splendors with our fair city and our proud state. Over and out. Long live NY Riesling!

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