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July 01, 2011


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Thank you for your kind words, Evan.

It was so depressing to open the NYCR web site and read this headline. I've never met Dave or Deb, but very much enjoyed their wine and food. The bistro was a must stop for at least one meal on any visit to the Finger Lakes. My wife's and my condolences to all of the families, immediate and communal, affected by this. Hope Dave makes a full recovery.

Horrible news. My heart goes out to Dave and the rest of the Red Newt family.

very sad! so sorry to hear this - from the little bit of time i spent talking to her, she was a great person!

We are always only a moment away from our deaths. Live your life to the fullest, as Deb Whiting seems to have. My condolences to the family and friends of Deb, Dave and Red Newt.

Sad to read this. My thoughts and prayers are with Deb family, Dave, their kids and the whole Red Newt family. So sad.

Wow! I was blown away by the terrible news about Deb and Dave. I had always followed their progress in the wine community. I was fortunate enough to have stopped and dined at the Red Newt Bistro. Prays go out the the family and friends of Deb and Dave Whiting.

Oh no. Oh how horrible. I'm speechless.

This is an awful blow to a great couple and two great ambasadors of NY wine. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Dave and Deb. They will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Oh how sad! My husband and I (along with my MIL, FIL, and BIL) had our "un-rehearsal dinner" at Red Newt, and everything was phenomenal. That place holds a special place in my heart.

(We didn't do a rehearsal or a formal dinner, but MIL wanted *something,* so there it is!)

Such horrible news. There are no words. My deepest condolences as well...

We are saddened by this terrible news. Our prayers go out to the family.

She was a pioneer and ambassador of the locavore/locapour movement, and a darn fine chef. She will be missed.

That is so sad. Our prayers are with Dave.

Sad and terrible. I hope that Dave recovers and is there for their family. A wonderful couple.

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