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July 11, 2011


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I am not for fracking because we really have no idea what the underground repercussions will actually be. Especially after seeing what is happening in other parts of the country where fracking is occurring. If you have not watched Gasland yet, check it out:


I think too many people in New York State do not know where their energy comes from...as well as food & water for that matter...and that leads to the government doing what is cheap for their constituents that is what has lead to this sort of energy harvesting to be allowed.

We on Long Island will not have our ground water affected but we will be using the natural gas and electricity that comes from fracking in upstate NY...this legislature effects everyone in our State!

Where do suggest people go to voice their comment on this matter that the DEC will be monitoring?

Great job on posting about this incredibly important topic. Fracking will be a cancer unleashed on our countryside the likes we can't dream of. Want a taste of the increased truck traffic we will all be experiencing? Stand in downtown T-Burg sometime and watch as the trash trucks, that are also hauling "cores" from PA come blasting through downtown. My newest hobby, and I suppose some kind of revenge, is to slow down to about 18-20 mph (30mph speed limit) so that my trucker friends that don't like to take the thruway can enjoy scenic, pedestrian friendly, downtown T-Burg. They usually thank me with a short blast on their horn and a friendly wave...

Evan -

We just found this report on hydrofracking (including maps showing Finger Lakes land that has been leased to energy companies). We wanted to share it just in case you and other readers haven't yet seen it.


Thanks for your post on this important topic. We hope to see continued coverage by NYCR.


Seth and MJ Kircher

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