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July 26, 2011


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So stoked to go. Thanks for bringing attention to this great addition to the neighborhood.

Valhrona chocolate is also made in Tain l'Hermitage and Jean Louis Chave told me once that you know a storm is coming to Hermitage because the wind blows just right so that you smell the chocolate from Valhrona. What a great indicator of bad weather to come!


Our introduction to Seth & MJ was through the "Drink Finger Lakes Wine" project. The fact that we received a hand written note of thanks with our T-shirts exposes the service mentality of this wonderful couple that Evan describes.

Many many thanks for your really thoughtful post on our business Evan.


MJ and Seth Kircher
Owners of The Copper Oven

Though we browse around for wine news we couldn't resist the picture of the pizza. Great story and concept. Old fashioned word of mouth/customer service marketing to draw people to the copper dome. Pizza looks great and I'm sure the wine doesn't hurt business. :) Best of luck to the Kirchers.

Sounds wonderful! The goat cheese, carmelized onion pizza and a glass of wine? Perfect summer day and a nice trip from Roc!

Surprising that this story has not been written about Long Island's enormously successful Rolling in Dough Pizza Truck company (http://rollingindoughpizza.com/). It was founded in 2008 and parks at Corey Creek Vineyards every Tuesday night in the summer to serve hand made pies for guests at Twilight Tuesday. The pizza truck is a fully restored 1943 K-6 International Harvester truck (WWII era) retro-fitted with a wood-fired brick oven. Très chic. The charismatic pizza truck owner Matt Michel has even been featured in Vogue magazine.

Trent: The easy and short answer is that I've reached out to Matt via email a couple times and haven't received a reply.

Lenn - he's probably very busy making pizza as his company has really taken off. Stop by Corey Creek any Tuesday night so you can see what he's doing. The pizza (and the wine) is on me.

Rich: Very kind of you. One of these days I'll take you up on that.

Similarly though, I'm pretty busy with my day job and trying to run this site -- and I still find time to respond to emails ;)

sounds delicious! I'll get there soon with a NYC guest. Question re: hyper-local ingredients. Since the main ingredient by volume is flour, are you using Farmer Ground Flour from Trumansburg?

Correction - I'll send my question about flour to MJ & Seth. I'm working with farmers, millers, bakeries, and realize it may not be easy to get a good pizza dough from NY-grown grains flour!

Dear Glenda -

Ever since we rolled The Copper Oven into the parking lot at Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery, we set out to do two things: Make good pizza and leverage the business as a platform for connecting with and contributing to the Finger Lakes community. While we take great pride in using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, it turns out that our flour comes from King Arthur who, you probably know, is based in Norwich, VT.

But the 315 miles between us is made easier by the fact that King Arthur is a like-minded employee owned business whose primary mission is community as much as it is making high quality flour. (Did you know that King Arthur is one of the first B Corporations in the United States? Learn more here: http://www.bcorporation.net/)

On a more pragmatic note, King Arthur's production volume also means that we can afford the products that we source from them. That said, we welcome the opportunity to engage with you and others to learn more about how we might work together with Farmer Ground Flour in Trumansburg, NY. Not only are we part of the same community, but the heirloom wheat varieties that Farmer Ground Flour is growing are bound to make for some great pizza dough.


MJ and Seth Kircher
Owners of The Copper Oven

PS - Any chance you are, Glenda Neff, the agricultural writer from Auburn, NY? If so, we love the work that you are doing and we hope that this exchange might give you reason to find yourself on the other side of Cayuga Lake sooner than later. Anyway, we'd love to meet you and treat you to a Copper Oven lunch while continuing this conversation.

The author has made the grandest of discoveries! Good detective work.

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