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October 10, 2011


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Hey Lenn,

That was an interesting guest post by Mr. Siegel. I can't say I agree with most of the points made here, but I'm only a blobber [oh I mean blogger].

But I have to say I'm in 100% agreement with the first point made. Tasting the wine before passing judgment is at least good form. But sometimes living by the courage of my convictions can be rather painful in that regard.

I’ve tasted through many "local" samples more than once [talking San Diego]. Those wines made with-in the boundaries of San Diego, I'm sorry to say far too many represent an experience I don’t want to repeat. The wines that do stand-out typically are produced from grapes not grown in San Diego.

I understand the whole "drink-local" movement but even you must admit there are many [NOT ALL] of the other states [outside of NY, VA, CA, WA, OR] who produce wines that beg the question, "why" as in why did you bottle that? With that said, I still explore new wines when I'm presented with the opportunity.



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