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October 27, 2011


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Fun article! Great job Rochelle. I am enjoying your contributions to NY Cork Report.

Cary - how about if you teach a class with the idea that we make our own to give for the holidays or valentines day. we don't have to do it at home but it would be fun to do it for a day and walk away with a box of chocolates to eat or share or give away. (Most likely the first one)

What do you say? I am in!

Thank you Antoinette! Teaching a chocolate making class before Valentines Day may be the best idea. I will think on that one. Thank you for being a great supporter of CaryMo Chocolate. I have some wonderful holiday flavors and am looking forward to making some great holiday gift baskets as well! carymochocolate.com check it out

Thanks Antoinette. Maybe a class for Valentines Day. Let me think about how it will work and I will post with more details. Thank you for being a great supporter of CaryMo Chocolate!

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