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October 06, 2011


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As I recall, we liked the Ventosa rose when we were up there last spring and bought a few bottles to bring home. We're planning to hit them again this weekend, so we'll have to do a re-tasting.

My feelings about the Red Newt Sawmill Creek Vineyard Riesling, though, coincide with yours completely, as I've mentioned here before. I'm hoping to grab a few more bottles of that this weekend as well.

Paul: Looks like their 2010 Rose (which I have not tasted) is made with pinot noir rather than sangiovese.

Have a great trip!

We just had a bottle of the Wiemer dry riesling the other day - my husband introduced it to his mother and his sisters, all of whom LOVED it (they are all, generally, champagne drinkers though they like wine), and we've gotten requests to get bottles for them at a later date. :)

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