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November 17, 2011


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Bryan - Awesome piece. Thanks for recapping it for those of us who couldn't be there. Some observations:

1) I'm not sure I'd ever pour a varietal cabernet sauvignon from the Finger Lakes for a group of wine aficionados when you have a limited number of wines to pour. I'm glad to hear it was showing nicely.

2) You're spot on when you say that a presenter has to know their audience. You can't give the same presentation to every group you see, and sometimes the tech stuff is exactly what people want.

3) Last night I was the guest presenter at the AWS Rochester Chapter monthly meeting, and many of those folks attended the national conference last week. Three separate people remarked to me about Niagara USA wines. They were surprised and impressed.

4) That's probably because your presentation sounds extremely savvy. Fun, informative, and focusing on the right varieties without giving too much away too early - or allowing bias to set in. Well done!


Thanks for the compliment!

The AWS folks I met from Rochester were extremely passionate and thoughtful enough to approach me after the seminar to continue the discussion on Niagara and NY wine in general. Their appreciation for local wine was genuine.

The growing regions of central and western ny are lucky to have cities like Rochester, Buffalo and the surrounding areas wherein lies supportive wine stores and diehard wine drinkers.

Thanks for mentioning their positive comments on Niagara USA wines, I did my best to not only bring some of the best the region has to offer but bring the stories behind the people who made them with photos and video.


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