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November 16, 2011


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Couldn't agree more, John. Thanks for sharing this view with our political leaders.

Well said!

Thanks for fighting the good fight. I realize parts of upstate are in dire financial straits, but the economic arguments strike me as dubious and any benefits probably short-term. When set against the almost certain envoionmental damage, we need to take the route that is best in the long run.

Great job, John! Couldn't agree more.


Well said!

We need to organize as an industry and demand the DEC SLOWS DOWN so we can evaluate the accidents, violations, and enforcement practices of Pennsylvania, to inform any drilling activity proposed for NYS. We need to fight for the repeal of the 'Halliburton Loophole' that exempts drilling companies from disclosing the contents of their slick water fracking fluids. We need to demand an economic impact study from an unbiased, independent third party to evaluate the potential impact of fracking related activities on the NY wine and grape industry. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, we must educate our neighbors and friends who serve on Town Boards and secure 'Home Rule' Moratoria on Drilling in NYS until we can better assess the risks we face as NY citizens.
Will Ouweleen, Eagle Crest Vineyards

Thank you John! We all need to do likewise and send the DEC a letter by the December 12th deadline. Our precious Finger Lakes are worth it!

Adding to the chorus - well done, well said, and, although I am a PA resident, I am trying to keep my beautiful Keuka clean.

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