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December 14, 2011


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If you look at the Ducru-Beaucaillou website, you will see some revealing numbers when it comes to sugar at Harvest as well as final alcohol levels. My recommendation remains the same: do not buy Bordeaux reds more recent than the mid-eighties. First of all the wines show a much better balance, second they are more mature and therefore more enjoyable and finally they represent far superior value compared to recent values. I can only hope some Bordeaux estates have stayed the course, but I do not know who they would be.

Morten - I have learned many valuable lessons from you, perhaps not the least of which is the pleasure in being able to purchase mature, elegant Bordeaux now for the same price (or less!) as the current release. Now, I would never turn down a Ducru, but this second wine from them is, well, decent, but not worth the price.

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