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December 15, 2011


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Thanks for the review. Not sure why at the end there you appeared to not like their selection of beers. They do seem to have a good amount of craft beers compared to most sports bars. Even you say that "sports bars with 30+ taps seem to think 28 different brands of American Standard and Light Lager is the epitome of variety". But you tasted a good variety that night, and I see they also have Goose Island and Smuttynose. Granted, they could have more local craft beers (where's Greenport!), and just more in general, but they do have more than most. I would be more than happy getting those choices you listed.

And I thought I was a beer snob. ;-)

Good points all. Yes, I do commend them for providing a nice selection of beers, especially the local beers. I have two recommendations for Long Island Ale House which would go a long way to mitigate my ambivalence: (1) don't bring my Long Island brewed craft beer to my table in a frozen glass, and (2) sell the local angle better.

The frozen glass thing is a peeve of mine. Freezing is the wrong temperature for craft beer and detracts from my enjoyment of the beer.

The second is less serious. But, I'd really get behind a place that said "We're Long Island's Ale House and we serve Long Island brewed beer and if you don't like it, you can go next door." Of course, running a bar is business and not an ideology, so I can understand them wanting to cover all the bases with some questionable tap offerings.

Nice write-up on the Long Island Ale House. The Long Island Ale House is a member of the Medford Chamber of Commerce, which I am the president of. Now that that's out of the way...

I was very happy to see a place like this come to Medford, since there are a few on the Island. I had hoped that they would embrace the craft brew and hard to find stuff. 30 taps designated for that is impressive.

They will be hard pressed to shake the sports bar image since they are kinda pigeon-holed with formerly know as the Global Sports Cafe. However, I think that there is defiantly room for improvement and influence tot the type of beer they serve.

I have never eaten off their menu, but the buffet style food I ate there was delicious.

Thanks to them, I have fallen in love with Arrogant Bastard and I fully enjoyed my glass or two of Gulden Draak.

I would love nothing more than to see some craft brew houses on tap and maybe with enough influence from an influential president, we might just see more craft brews.

The LIAH is not DEKS, but one day, maybe, it could be.

Michael- The Long Island Ale House is a fine place. I certainly wouldn't criticize a zebra for its stripes. I should have stated explicitly in the article that there is a craft beer hierarchy within the sports bar category. LIAH would be my choice over Grumpy Jack's (or any of a host of similar places) for game day, hands down.

I'm working on an article about Tap & Barrel where I'll discuss further what a craft beer geek expects out of a craft beer destination. LIAH might not be interested in being a craft beer destination.

You mention DEKS. While DEKS is a craft beer destination, it's not a local craft beer destination. Rarely do Long Island brewed beers make an appearance at DEKS. This might be due to the fact that DEKS has only 15 taps to work with.

So LIAH is actually doing something better than DEKS, which is to provide a good selection of locally brewed beer. That actually is more important to me than seeing the hottest California, Oregon, and Colorado beers.

More on this in my Tap & Barrel article. Cheers!

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