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January 10, 2012


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This is a very nice piece, and allow me to give my thumbs up for the presentation of reviews without allowing the ratings to take over. Good stuff.

There is no reason to think Gruner shouldn't succeed. Thriving is something else entirely, but you're right: Many of the markers are there. I like the open minds at Dr. Frank, Zugibe, Lamoreaux and elsewhere. That's how discoveries are made.

Informative post on an inconspicuous varietal. Thanks.

What I think will be interesting to see is whether or not anyone takes gruner beyond the 'oddity' stage. Will it ever become a big part of someone's portfolio?

And I wonder if gruner has much staying power. I know that for several years it was the darling of many sommeliers, but it fees like that has faded a bit. Has it? I'm not sure.

Thank you for continue to educate on a very interesting wine. We, at Three Brothers Wineries and Estates, planted 2 yo vines in 2007 and have enjoyed 2 releases thus far, and are anxious to see how the 2011 will fare when released summer, 2012. Gruner is a perfect example of the beauty of a tasting room- once many try it, they are hooked!

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