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January 19, 2012


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Still not sold on many of the single grape red wines from the Finger Lakes, with exception to the Cab Francs, but I have tasted the Heart & Hand Pinot Noir and have found it very comparable to Burgundy and many of the well published Pinot's of Oregon. But then again, I am a bit biased.

Can't agree with you more Lenn. Delicious Pinot.

After reading many praises for Tom Higgins wine I was excited to try them. After tasting through the wines at H&H I was a bit let down. I found them much more comparable to pinots from Oregon or California (sweet oak, lush fruit) in style than Burgundy (wines of structure). It left me wondering if the people who compare these wines to those from the Cote d'Or have much experience with Burgundy. I like the fact that he's focused with his lineup and (seemingly) on quality, but for me the jury's still out.

Daniel: I think even Tom himself would dispute the "Burgundy" comparison. To me, he seems to be working to identify what "Finger Lakes" pinot noir can and should be. I dig that.

I don't find his wines to be filled with "lush fruit" however.

While I applaud his effort to make a "Finger Lakes" pinot noir and explore what that means, I can't help but feel like he's taking two steps forward (specializing in his offerings, quality in mind) and one step back (apparent oak usage that has nothing to do with "Finger Lakes" so much as a familiar sweet vanilla toasty profile associated with so many high end new-world pinots). No doubt the region needs more producers pushing for quality and I'm thankful that he's doing just that, but with all due respect to me he's exploring the forests of France as much as he is the terroir of the Finger Lakes. All of that said, the wines are young and we won't really know what's happening until the vineyards and bottles mature.

Joe & Veronique -

We appreciate your enthusiasm for our wines.

Lenn -

Thanks for your post. We appreciate the support. I would agree with your Burgundy comparison comment.

Daniel -

I'm sorry our wines let you down. We work tirelessly to make our wines to the highest standards and will continue to strive to make the best possible product. While many people like our wines, we accept that there are some people that do not understand them.

Because of our commitment to our wines, they become like our children. Like any good parent, we hope that they go out into the world and will be a part of a special memory for our customers. In fact, last night a customer emailed me to share a story that their wife is returning from work in Africa and her only request was, "to have a bottle of Polarity chilled." At that moment, we were certainly "proud parents."


I'm a fan of their Pinot Noir (you introduced me to Heart & Hands Wine Company during the TasteLive Finger Lakes Pinot Noir event), and at $20, that's a flat out steal. I had their 2008 then and remember writing "promising" next to the wine on my notes. Can't wait to revisit. Cheers!

I like just about everything I have tried from this vineyard.

I don't think comparisons to any other regions are fair to either the Finger Lakes or those regions. Maybe the inspiration comes from other places to make something new and different. I find their Pinot Noirs very pleasant and I look forward to seeing the progression from year to year. i also find Heart and Hands employees refreshing in how inviting they are and I am definitely rooting for them.

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