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January 06, 2012


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I love this stuff. Huge fan of all of Six Points products.

I have become a stout fan and I think it is now my favorite beer style. I just wish there was not a problem drinking stout in the middle of July. :)

There's a problem drinking stout in the middle of July? News to me :)

I love beer seasonals, but just like a wheat beer or hoppy pale brings a ray of sunshine into my winter days, a good stout while in the backyard grilling steaks is a reminder to enjoy the heat while it lasts. And it tastes damn good with charcoal smoke.

This is definitely a hop head's stout -- which may be why I like it so much.

The hoppy quality really cuts the richness. There's plenty of malt, but there is a certain freshness that I really find appealing. Now I'm thirsty.

Michael: I've enjoyed watching your beer explorations -- but know this: if you see Sixpoint on tap somewhere, get it.

The canned stuff is good, but Sweet Action is much better on draught. Same with the Righteous Rye.

Lenn, I had Their Gemini DIPA at Luce Hawkins a few weeks ago. WOW is all I can say. And yes, all of their stuff is better on draught. Including Bengali Tiger.

Lenn and Julia, I just heard that another Sixpoint beer will be released in about a month in 12 oz. cans. It is going to be a DIPA called Resin. Tipping the scales at 9+ abv and 103 IBU's. Hopped with Amarillo, Columbus, Centenial, and Cascade I believe. Cant wait for that one.

Julia: I have always associated Stout with winter and stew. I have never had a stout with porterhouse or a grilled rib eye, but I think I will be testing that out shortly....and on July 4th as well. :)

Lenn: I think you and my waistline have noticed my beer explorations this winter. Sweet Action is probably my favorite Six Point. I will keep looking for them on tap. Can't wait till they open again and I can go and taste a lot more of their stuff.

We are blessed here in Geneva, NY in that the Red Dove Tavern carries Six Point beers on tap regularly. I first stumbled upon SP beers out in Montauk this summer on tap with oysters on the half shell...I'd say hands down Six Point is churning out some of the best beers in the land!

Dan, that sounds fantastic. I really hope I get the chance to try it on tap when I'm in LI for W/BOTY. In the meantime, here in Buffalo we occasionally see Sixpoint on tap at some of the finer bars (Cole's, Pizza Plant, Blue Monk, and Gene McCarthy's) but not enough.

I Agree with Lenn, it's not the same in can, especially the Sweet action. Totally different beer.

And Vinny- you must have been eating those oysters with sixpoint at south edison. I'm there all the time in the summer. great place!

Chris, enjoy the wonderful world of stouts! Remember, this is an unusually hoppy example; if you normally drink pales and IPAs you'd love it.

Dan: Gemini is awesome..have had it several times out at Luce. Gotta have it last though...with the combo of abv and hops!

Agree about the hoppiness, but I didn't find the head that creamy at all. Still loved it. And they sell it at Trader Joe's for a little less than other places.

Henry, we may have a difference of stemware. I got very nice lacing in my glass, though the head (fairly short to begin with, for a stout; about one finger) did not stick around.

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