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January 02, 2012


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"Then its half time and he gets up and tries to walk." that quote would describe me on New Years Eve after pouring Gulden Draak into a pint glass at home.

Looks like i need to check out Tap and Barrel.

It's worth a trip. At the moment they have a couple of Limited Releases from Blue Point, a White IPA (think Belgian Wit crossed with an IPA), and a Black IPA. Cheers!

I went to a "fancy" restaurant in Riverhead last week whose taps included Abita, Southampton, and PBR. I ordered the Southampton (I can't remember the style now) and cringed as I watched the bartender take the tall pilsner glass out of the refrigerator to pour my beer. No surprisingly he didn't take glasses out of the freezer for the red wine that was also coming to my table. Even when restaurants and bars "get" that craft beer is on the rise, they still insist on treating it as high priced Budwieser...

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