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March 30, 2012


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$50? Enjoying Franck Balthazar Cornas for less... just saying.

This wine sounds great, but Bedell's price points are getting out of my league.
By the latest online price list, that puts 3 wines at $48 or more, another 5 between #35 - $40, and only 1 wine under $20 (the $18 rose').
It's too bad because I loved Rich's wines at Raphael which were affordable for regular consumption.

I guess I understand about the price points but seriously, this isn't some bathtub hooch, this is all vinifera grape hand crafted artisanal wine. I can buy AOC Roquefort for cheaper than some locally produced raw milk blue cheeses, even with the Bush Era 300% luxury import tax imposed on it, but I still buy cheeses like shaker blue because they are unique and to support local business. These days a 12 pack of bud light costs $12, and people are arguing there is no Long Island wine at that price point? Well there aren't any long Island beers at that price point either, you cant find craft beer for less than $10 a six pack, and the best ones are pushing $14 and $20, why should it be any different for local wine, the cost of everything good is going up naturally due to inflation, and with gas pushing $5 a gallon this will only increase sooner than later. Yes you can have your Franck Balthazar for around $40, but I think the point is this is something new and different, something never done before locally, and is that extra $10 not worth trying it at least once? Isn't there anything to be said about spending $50 at a local farm, versus using paypal to send $40 electronically to some tangled web of distributors, importers and middle men that is vaguely connected to the origin somewhere in France, where the carbon footprint is like a landing strip on an aircraft carrier versus the open road on a leisurely weekend afternoon?

Wow, I really like Steve's line of thinking here. I wish everyone saw the intrinsic value in local produce in this way. Well said.

I love local. I've got over 100 bottles of North Fork wine in my basement.
Thing is, nothing in my basement is new from Bedell in the last 5 years due to their price hikes. My stash is probably 70% comprised of wines from Channing Daughters, Raphael, and Shinn.
I've got 4 Bedell wines left in my basement. The newest is a 2005 Merlot that I got for $15.
I drink wine every night and would be broke spending $50+ per bottle; hell... I'm just about broke spending $15 per night.
I'm not saying that Bedell shouldn't produce high end wines.... I just lament the fact that they no longer have a presence in the under $20 range.

Love Steve's viewpoint. Can't wait to pick up a bottle!

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