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March 15, 2012


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Just got our Getting to Know New York shipment today. Looking forward to the rieslings. (We weren't crazy about the Arrowhead pinot when we bought some at the ESC store last month, but the Ravines 09 pinot is pretty good - and completely different from the 08.) This club is fun!

Paul: Since you have it now, try that pinot again and let me know what you think!

Have you had either riesling before?

We haven't had either riesling, no - I think Keuka Lake Vineyards is one of the few Keuka wineries we haven't been to (along with Stever Hill). I know that Roman Roth makes some of my favorite LI wines (and I have his recipe for a hearty mushroom sauce that shows he's also pretty good cook) so the Grapes of Roth bottle is really calling my name. Will let you know about the Arrowhead in a couple of weeks.

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