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March 05, 2012


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This is a good story, and will become more and more a story in the coming years. Marquette and LaCrescent are moving to the fore. Frontenac and Frontenac Gris are both also good. I've had two good Marquettes (very impressed), and am looking forward to working with that grape. There's a lot going on in the Upper Hudson Valley in the surrounding Albany area, defintely an emerging area.

And German and Austrian grapes like Dornfelder, Blaufrankish and Zweigelt are for cooler climats (northern Hudson Valley, Finger Lakes) but not winter hardy like those above. But I have been seeing better and better versions of those wines as well.

Several of the above grapes are also being grown in Vermont with very good results....especially Lincoln Peak.

Like this story a lot. Glad to see you on the case.

Thanks Carlo. Frontenac Gris is prolific. We have had luck with making a rose of it, and old Leon Millot is one I still like a lot. The Granstroms over at Lincoln Peak really know how to grow nice fruit, and it shows in the bottle. It should be very interesting to see what comes out of the North Country. Looking forward to sharing more.

Really nicely done. This piece is a wonderful regional snapshot, and not a cheerleading endeavor. I feel like I have a good sense for what is happening, and how. And I feel like NYCR will be able to bring that story without over-selling it. Cheers, and I look forward to my first tasting of North Country wines.

this post introduce how to make the wine in New York's North Country. i think i learn a lot from this.

Thanks for a nice summary. This is mirroring what is happening in several states in the upper midwest and Northeast, and we have a new research and extension project called the Northern Grapes Project, that we hope will provide support for the industry's development. Here's a couple of links:
Press release: http://www.cals.cornell.edu/cals/grapesandwine/appellation-cornell/issue-8/northern-grapes.cfm

Project web site: http://northerngrapesproject.org

- Tim Martinson
Cornell University

Evan - Appreciate your response, and will do my best to bring fair and supportive reports from the north.

Dr. Tim - Thanks for your comment, and also for the resources and information being provided to these new endeavors. I hope to see you in the vineyard this summer.

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