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March 09, 2012


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Very well done Mark. Informative and truthful, regarding the battles that small to mid-sized companies face from the "big boys" who have unlimited cash resources and I would imagine, lobbying power, to push their agenda forward.

Do you see any relationship to this battle and its motivation and for the one for wine in supermarkets?

Wonder where the WSWA stands on this issue. Guess these guys won't be hanging with the Southern Boys at this years WSWA conference.

Very well done piece. Examines what's become an important topic, though it shouldn;t have been. If the state is in so much trouble, why isn't the legislature about buiding business? This is a waste of time of the legislature.

Retailers from around the state have joined with the Fine Wine Alliance to oppose this legislation. All of the major retailer associations have made their opposition to this bill in Albany known to legislators.

Well done, Mark. I wrote my senator (Valesky, Syracuse) & stressed how it could negatively impact small NY state wineries, some of whom who currently distribute through my Alliance competitors (i work for Polaner).
And though we do not handle a NY winery, I think these folks (some of whom I count as friends) should be VERY aware of the implications of this type of legislation...

It's interesting to note that one of the bill's sponsors (Maziarz) is from Lockport.

Great article. I just found out about this issue this past week in an e-mail from Doug Polaner and yesterday in a letter from Michael Skurnik Wines. It is incredible that New York State would even entertain the mere notion of this proposal.

I own a small liquor and wine shop and currently do business with at least 6 of the companies in the New York Alliance of Fine Wine Wholesalers. It would be extremely detrimental to my business should this plan be implemented.

I have written to Senator Maziarz (my home district senator) and Cathy Young (senator for Chautauqua County where my store is located. I hope all other retail store owners also communicate their opposition to this proposal.

I'm not clear on the reason for the March 9 deadline. Was there a vote on Friday? Is it too late to fight this now?

It's not too late to fight. The "AT REST" language could still make it into the final version of the budget before April. There were procedural votes on March 12 (or was it 13?).

This is an ongoing campaign to protect jobs throughout the wine business, from distributors to importers to retailers to drivers to harvest workers. Workers are in solidarity with owners on this issue.

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