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March 07, 2012


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A bit of a side note, but it is a bit tiresome that we must be so apologetic about Red Cat. It is a successful NY wine that appeals to a broad audience. It might not be your cup of tea, but it also isn't poorly made. No one criticizes the entire California wine industry for their wines made for mass appeal. Why do we do that in NY? I think it is time to stop apologizing and stick up for ourselves. There are different wines for different people just like anywhere else.

Beth: I don't think Evan is apologizing for Red Cat -- it's just a different category of wine than a 1980s red from a historic vineyard on Long Island. Evan used that to show the broad range that ESC offers.

And I think if you were living in California, you'd hear plenty of people apologizing for some of the plonk made out there.

Beth - Lenn is right. I'm not apologizing for it. I can tell you that the staff at Empire State Cellars is happy to offer it to customers who want it. I can also tell you that they prefer to educate customers about the higher quality wines that New York State can offer; we're talking about the wines that improve New York's reputation in the wine world. Red Cat does not, but it's not intended to. It's nicely made, easily drinkable. Is it the same quality as a Peconic Bay Merlot or a Wiemer Riesling? Absolutely not.

We were at ESC a month or so ago (actually, the morning of the Arrowhead tasting event) - love the place, just love it. Made me nostalgic for the days of Vintage New York in Lower Manhattan where I first heard about (and tasted) things like Dr. Frank and Standing Stone. Also very dangerous as we were seriously tempted to buy the 10-year Riesling vertical they had on display...

One of my favorite stores in Riverhead!

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